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Cloud Service Owner

A Cloud Service Owner is the person or organization that legally owns a service deployed in a cloud. The cloud service owner can be either the cloud consumer or the cloud provider of the cloud within which the cloud service resides. This distinction is especially relevant when cloud services exist within public clouds owned by third-party cloud provider organizations.


If Cloud X hosts Cloud Service A then either the organization acting as the cloud consumer of Cloud X can be the Cloud Service Owner (top) of Cloud Service A, or the cloud provider of Cloud X can be the Cloud Service Owner of Cloud Service A (bottom). Unlike other roles described in this chapter, the Cloud Service Owner is not directly mapped to SOA project roles. This is primarily because this role is used to identify the legal owner of the cloud service, and therefore does not necessarily represent a role actively involved with SOA project delivery stages. For project participation, the Cloud Service Owner will typically engage any number of individuals or groups that fulfill the other described roles, such as the Service Custodian or the Cloud Resource Administrator.

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