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Composition Implementation Patterns

Composition Implementation Patterns represent the following set of patterns from the SOA Design Patterns catalog:

Agnostic Sub-Controller (Erl)

How can agnostic, cross-entity composition logic be separated, reused, and governed independently?

Composition Implementation Patterns

Composition Autonomy (Erl)

How can compositions be implemented to minimize loss of autonomy?

Composition Implementation Patterns: based services?

Atomic Service Transaction (Erl)

How can a transaction with rollback capability be propagated across messaging-based services?

Compensating Service Transaction (Utschig, Maier, Trops, Normann, Winterberg, Loesgen, Little)

How can composition runtime exceptions be consistently accommodated without requiring services to lock resources?

The pattern was first printed in the SOA Design Patterns book and a summarized version of this pattern is published at the SOA Patterns community patterns site.

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