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Enterprise Architect

Although this is not a new role by any means, it represents a position that is greatly emphasized by the cross-application (cross-silo) scope of service inventory delivery projects.

Technology Architects with an enterprise perspective are expected to:

  • assist with SOA Adoption Planning and strategy
  • author or contribute to enterprise design standards
  • become involved in service delivery projects to ensure that agnostic services are properly positioned
  • assess service runtime usage and determine required infrastructure
  • evaluate security concerns of individual service capabilities
  • help define and perhaps even own service inventory blueprints

In larger organizations there may also be the need for enterprise domain architects - a variation of this role that specializes in a particular segment of the overall enterprise. These architects would then be focused on the definition and governance of domain-specific service inventories.


The requirements statement for Dual Protocols is: How can a service inventory overcome the limitations of its canonical protocol while still remaining standardized?

The pattern was first printed in the SOA Design Patterns book and a summarized version of this pattern is published at the SOA Patterns community patterns site at the following location:

SOA Pattners > Dual Protocols

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