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Service Funding

Agnostic services are created with the expectation that they will be reused and will provide repeated return on the investment originally required for their delivery. Because they are positioned as enterprise resources, they are not dedicated to any one project. Instead, they are to be used to automate different business processes for which different projects build different solutions. Therefore, the funding of these reusable services requires special attention.

This level provides funds for the delivery of individual services. These services rely on an already-funded service inventory platform. There are several different funding models that can be utilized.

The three common models are:

  • Project Funding Model – Individual projects build new or extend existing reusable services.
  • Central Funding Model – The funding of reusable services is provided centrally.
  • Usage Funding Model – The initial delivery of reusable services is funded centrally but usage fees are subsequently charged.
  • Hybrid Funding Model – A combination of project and central funding.

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