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Service Implementation Patterns

Service Implementation Patterns represent the following set of patterns from the SOA Design Patterns catalog:

Service Facade (Erl)

How can a service accommodate changes to its contract or implementation while allowing the core service logic to evolve independently?

Redundant Implementation (Erl)

How can the reliability and availability of a service be increased?

Service Data Replication (Erl)

How can service autonomy be preserved when services require access to shared data sources?

Partial State Deferral (Erl)

How can services be designed to optimize resource consumption while still remaining stateful?

Partial Validation (Orchard, Riley)

How can unnecessary data validation be avoided?

UI Mediator (Utschig, Maier, Trops, Normann, Winterberg)

How can a service-oriented solution provide a consistent, interactive user experience?

These patterns were first printed in the SOA Design Patterns book and summarized versions of the patterns are published at the SOA Patterns community patterns site.

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