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Service Messaging Patterns

Service Messaging Patterns represent the following set of patterns from the SOA Design Patterns catalog:

Service Messaging (Erl)

How can services interoperate without forming persistent, tightly coupled connections?

Messaging Metadata (Erl)

How can services be designed to process activity-specific data at runtime?

Service Agent (Erl)

How can event-driven logic be separated and governed independently?

Intermediate Routing (Little, Rischbeck, Simon)

How can dynamic runtime factors affect the path of a message?

State Messaging (Karmarkar)

How can a service remain stateless while participating in stateful interactions?

Service Callback (Karmarkar)

How can a service communicate asynchronously with its consumers?

Service Instance Routing (Karmarkar)

How can consumers contact and interact with service instances without the need for proprietary processing logic?

Asynchronous Queuing (Little, Rischbeck, Simon)

How can a service and its consumers accommodate isolated failures and avoid unnecessarily locking resources?

Reliable Messaging (Little, Rischbeck, Simon)

How can services communicate reliably when implemented in an unreliable environment?

Event-Driven Messaging (Little, Rischbeck, Simon)

How can service consumers be automatically notified of runtime service events?

These patterns were first printed in the SOA Design Patterns book and summarized versions of the patterns are published at the SOA Patterns community patterns site.

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