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Task Service

A task service is a form of business service with a functional context based on a specific business process. As a result, task services are not generally considered agnostic and therefore have less reuse potential than other service models. By allowing for the abstraction of single-purpose or business process-specific logic into task services, the opportunity to increase the amount of agnostic logic within services based on entity and utility service models is improved.

Because they tend to represent the end-to-end logic of a business process, task services are commonly positioned as service composition controllers, responsible for composing other services (usually entity and utility services) to automate their business process. Task services are generally named after the business process they represent. For example a task service encapsulating logic for the Billing Report process, may be labeled as the Run Billing Report service.

Task services come in two common variations. They can exist as standalone software programs (components or Web services) in which case the business process logic is embedded within the compiled program. Or, they can exist as part of an orchestration platform, expressed using business process definition languages, such as WS-BPEL. Because the latter variation has specific design characteristics associated with the fact that it is part of a larger middleware environment, these types of services are further qualified as orchestrated task services.

Task services are also known as: task-centric business services, business process services,

Orchestrated task services are also known as: process services, business process services, orchestration services

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