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Trusted Subsystem

Trusted Subsystem is the name of a design pattern authored by Jason Hogg, Don Smith, Fred Chong,Tom Hollander,Wojtek Kozaczynski, Larry Brader, Nelly Delgado, Dwayne Taylor, Lonnie Wall, Paul Slater, Sajjad Nasir Imran, Pablo Cibraro,Ward Cunningham and published as part of the SOA Design Patterns catalog. Within the catalog this pattern is further categorized as one of the Service Security Patterns.

The icon used to identify Trusted Subsystem is:

The requirements statement for Trusted Subsystem is:
How can a consumer be prevented from circumventing a service and directly accessing its resources?

The pattern was first printed in the SOA Design Patterns book and a summarized version of this pattern is published at the SOA Patterns community patterns site at the following location:

SOA patterns > Trusted Subsystem

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